Saturday, December 11, 2010

NORO Feather & Fan

So I was on Ravelery a week or so ago, and found this great pattern download from Susan at Stitches etc , and of course, I just had to do it! But, first, I had to order some NORO Silk Sock Yarn from my favorite online shop - The Loopy Ewe. So I ordered 2 different colorways, just cause. Started knitting the scarf, and had an idea! Yes, I would give this scarf to my hairdresser! Oh, but I better make another one out of the other colorway and give to my nail tech! Oh, and I only have about 10 days to do it in! YIKES!

But, to my credit, I did finish the first one - even got it blocked! I'm now about halfway through the other one (and, I'm using a different pattern for it). Of course, I made a major mistake when I was about a quarter in - and had to take it to my LYS and beg Viola to fix it for me! She's a genius - this scarf is filled with double yarn-overs - and there's no way I could have saved it. So now the race is on! My goal is to have this one finished and ready to block by Monday! Cause then, I have to make Christmas cookies and White Chocolate Party Mix! Sometimes I just wonder about myself!

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