Sunday, January 10, 2010

Into the Lace

I'm well into the lace portion of my Traveling Woman Shawl. Really, it'll be more like a triangular scarf. Anyway, it's the first time trying anything like this for me. I've realized that I can't do more than a few rows of lace at one sitting. I'm so afraid of making a mistake (and that I don't know how to fix said mistake!) that it just wears me out! Also, my mind starts to wander and I mess up! Ahhh, the joys of getting older!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Felted Hat

I decided yesterday to knit this hat. It's knitted from the crown down with 2 strands on size 11 needles, so it goes fast! This was some yarn (Buko, from Plymouth Yarns) that I bought several years ago to make a felted bag. That bag never materialized, so now it's a hat! I love that it's striped - and by using 2 strands from different skeins, the stripes appear rather mottled.

The hat itself doesn't really fit me well, but it's not dry yet, so we'll see! Oh well, with my luck, this cold weather we're having will probably subside before this baby dries!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Carnival Scarf

My first finished project of 2010! I joined a group on Ravelry that suggested we do a color-block scarf using left-over yarn. So, I tried that, but didn't like the look I was getting. So, I decided instead to do a length-wise striped scarf, using only leftover Cascade 220 yarns that I had on hand.

I love the bright colors (hence the name Carnival Scarf) - I just wished I had made it longer. This one measures 58", and it's ok, though.

It's been so cold here - I needed another wool scarf to keep me warm! And, I can't believe that I started it on Tuesday morning, and finished this afternoon! Now, I must get back to several other projects.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's a hot chocolate day!

I've lived in Florida for 8 years now, and every year I'm caught by surprise on mornings like these. It is COLD today! Went below freezing last night, and right now (10:20 am), it's 39 degrees. Now, I know that you Northerners will chuckle at this (cause I used to be one of you) - but believe me when I tell you that when you live where it's usually never colder than 60 degrees - your blood thins and anything below that is Freezing! And, we never have the right clothes for it!
When I took Barney out for his walk this morning, I had on my hat, coat, scarf and gloves (and, of course, my hand-knit socks) -- I felt like the Michelin Man! But, I will admit that the crisp air had a certain charm!
The photo above is of my Opal Petticoat socks that I finally finished last month. You know, I've knitted a lot of socks - lots of different patterns - lots of yummy yarn! But, the ones that wear the best are ones like these -- simple and tough. I'll never forget my Dream In Color Smooshy socks. I worked like a dog on a complicated pattern, and I loved them. I think it was after the 2nd time I wore them I found a huge hole in the bottom of one of them. I cried. And, I threw them both out. I wish I had kept the good one, though. Because I lost another one soon after that and I could have still had a mismatched pair to wear around the house! Lesson learned!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's Gonna be a Baby Quilt

My darling stepdaughter, Cathy, asked me to make another baby quilt for a friend who's having a baby girl. As much as I don't want to sew right now, I just couldn't say no to her! I love this fabric, and so does she! I think it will make up just darling.

So, this is the month that I have to get it done! Hopefully, it won't take up all my time, and I'll still be able to paint and knit! (I may have to give up reading this month, though!) I'll show it to you when it's all done.